After 100 years of pioneering dairy for the United States, Clover decided to bring their thought leadership to the media of today through a widespread creative campaign manifesting across social media, influencer networks, digital display, billboards and beyond. Guru helped to establish key brand values and then develop storytelling through videos, web, social applications and beyond to inspire consumers.

In February 2017 Clover underwent a rebrand to bring Clover Stornetta and Clover Organic Farms together under a single name that includes the hometown where the best dairy on earth is made—Clover Sonoma. On the heels of this rebrand, consumers were looking for reassurance that Clover was still the same independent, family-owned company they had known and loved for years.

Guru worked with Clover to create the iconic campaign (and brand anthem), “It Matters Where Your Milk Comes From,” doubling down on Clover’s Sonoma location and bringing the important stories of the land, climate, humane treatment of animals, leading quality standards, and sourcing from multigenerational small family farms to life. Guru has brought to life Clover’s new positioning through their website and seasonal campaigns over the last year.