Patagonia’s mission is to use business as an engine to solve the world’s challenges. After years in the clothing category, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard issued a challenge: “People need a new jacket every five or ten years, but they eat three times a day. If we really want to protect our planet, it starts with food.” And Patagonia Provisions was born. Guru’s challenge was to help Patagonia Provisions quickly gain legitimacy in a new category of food – building on the strength of the parent brand while also expanding the customer base.

As a champion of regenerative agricultural practices, Patagonia has partnered with other brands and farmers to launch the Regenerative Organic Certification.  Guru also helped Patagonia inspire other partner brands to adopt regenerative farming practices with the launch of the Regenerative Organic Certification. We developed strategic positioning and storytelling to get these goods in the hands of more consumers and inspire other companies to shift their practices. Guru supported both the presence of Patagonia Provisions and the launch of Regenerative Organic Certification to the natural product’s space at Expo West 2018.