Calling: Purpose-driven facilitator of connections for good, art for purpose and creativity for a cause.

Extracurriculars: Commonly found playing with other people’s animals and animals in foreign countries, racing outrigger canoes, or dreaming up her next creative journey with her dog-child, “Mr. G.”

Path: Born in Santa Paula, CA and raised on a farm, Becky chose the most nonlinear, interdisciplinary, self-created career path possible. Her work is focused on examining the relationship between man, medicine and the environment. Having traveled through 6 continents and 80+ countries – mostly solo – she’s worked with health clinics on Everest and music groups in the Sahara, all the while building relationships between individuals and companies to creatively address pressing issues. She is a humanitarian and conservation photographer, FUJIFILM Ambassador, and a Public Health specialist with a background in Environmental Science.

AKA: Becky is already short for Rebecca, but Becks, Beck or B also work, depending on time.