Calling: To drive media thinking and results for brands who desire to make our world a better place, fueled by a deep-seated belief that what we do with the unique potential inside of every brand and every human is what matters.

Extracurriculars: Learning Vermont’s Lake Champlain by boat and NYC’s streets by bike. Photography at every turn. Basketball. Softball. Baseball. Not much for running, but if there is a ball, I will run after it!

Path: Did it backwards, starting with bigger agency experience in the mountains of Vermont, and now loving being part of a smart, small, kind team from within the vibrancy of life in New York City. All along the way tracking the ever-changing media ecosystem and finding fulfillment in helping clients make it work for their business objectives.

AKA: Cav. Dad! (Well, he is only 6 months old, but we are working on it!)