Calling | To use stories, strategies, and content to make people feel something real, and take action on that feeling, resulting in there being a little more good in the world.

Extracurriculars | Malachi is passionate about nature, and spends as much time in it as possible through triathlon, hiking, camping, and mountaineering. He loves being a dad, and spending time in nature with his son. He also believes we live in a Golden Age of Craft Beer & Fine Spirits.

Path | Born in Northern California (Humboldt County); came of age in Indiana, which infused him with his Midwest work ethic; schooled at Butler University; lived in Kentucky, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Illinois; now located in Oakland, CA with wife Lindsay, preschooler Asher and ever-napping cat Milo.

AKA | The Beer God; Pan Von Leopold; Dude Who Whiteboards