Calling : To amplify grit of each soul I touch, whether that be in reality or digitally via the products, platforms, tools I fabricate.

Extra Curricular: Travelling, playing soccer, volleyball, hiking, toying around with new technologies, sipping an ethnic drink of Nimbu-paani by the beach on any fine sunny weekend, exploring new cities.

Path: Born & reared in the land of five rivers, aka Punjab (PS: It’s not pooonjab, it’s Pun-jaaab). Started writing code as a hobby at an early age, later moved to Toronto, Canada to make it my new home. Started career as a Software Developer, and contributed to several successful startups in North America. Travelled across Asia, North America & The Caribbean. Living with my wife and dad to a cute Labrador Retriever pup named, Dollar.

AKA: Rubal, Hacker, Mumpee.