Calling | I am inspired by the vibrancy of communities and cultures around the world, human experiences and interactions with each other, and motivated to help those who don’t have a voice be heard.

Extracurriculars | Michelle enjoys spending her time around the people she loves. She could probably be found anywhere — at an ice skating rink, a hiking trail, a design workshop or conference, a bookstore, her local Masjid, playing with her pet snake, or trying out a new restaurant to fill the bottomless pit that is her stomach. She holds a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from California College of the Arts. She’s done her fair share of work ranging from retail and food industry, to design in small firms and businesses and freelance.

Path | Raised in Fremont, California, but left her heart in Taiwan. She knows the Bay Area like the back of her hand. She’s traveled frequently to Taiwan, China, and Japan for many years of her childhood. At age 18, she moved from Fremont to Oakland to attend college. She currently resides in Oakland, trying to figure out life as a fresh graduate with a hungry mind.

AKA | Mimi, but please don’t call me that