Calling | Health food advocate, passionate about natural foods, natural health, homeopathic remedies and a toxic-free lifestyle. Champion of all things organic, eco-friendly, Non-GMO, socially responsible and caused based.

Extracurriculars | Natural healing modalities that reduce the toxic burden on the immune system and the environment: making and using essential oils, healing foods, herbs, vitamins and phytonutrients. Inspiring others to head to the garden to stay healthy. Living life to the fullest, travelling, communicating in different languages, organic cooking, hiking and writing. Loving and being loved by my family.

Path | Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Obtained a TV and Radio Broadcast Production degree from Brooklyn College. Studied French, Spanish and Italian. Lived in Tel Aviv. Traveled to 40 countries and 125 cities. The wanderlust continues from New York to the Cape of Good Hope, Marrakech to the Pyramids of Giza, Sardinia to Sweden, the Balearic Isles to Barcelona, the cliffs of Dover to the Champs Elysee, from Positano to Taormina, from the straits of Gibraltar to Denmark and and everything in between! Worked the New York production company scene in as production manager and location manager/scout, then got on the fast track in the agency world in NYC, Miami and San Francisco. Produced marketing for Visine, Plax, Ben Gay, Bain De Soleil, Advil, Children’s Advil, Mentadent, Comcast, Reebok, Snickers, Coors, Ray Ban, Mitsubishi, GNC, Dominos Pizza and Tommy Hilfiger. Now settled in Marin County, CA, between the San Francisco bay and the Indian Valley Open Space Preserve.

AKA | Mimi, Mimisa