I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask, “mother what was war?” – Eve Merriam

Baby Levy at Inauguration
baby Levy at Inauguration2

Born at 4:11pm on January 14, 2017 and filled with light by the energy of a full moon, my daughter has come with the 411 – the information download needed for a new world. I can’t help but completely surrender to the musings of spirit as I sit here in this dichotomy of joy and hope brought with this new being mixed with sadness around the inauguration of Trump.

One week into the world and the most I’ve seen my daughter cry is during this ridiculous transfer of power from one leader of inspiration to one filled with fear and ego.  Is this one tiny voice starting to wake up for the future of our country?  Hey youth, are you hearing the cry? She may well be the youngest woman to march at the million-woman march tomorrow.

But lets face it, this was a populist movement showing a growing dissatisfaction with a corrupt system that exalts the strong and holds down the weak. A system beholden to power and money. This is a time for Americans to galvanize around systemic change. Lets not waste our energy in the madness and rumblings of one man, but realize that this is our moment to seize back our country. A break in the political matrix where disruption is starting to flourish.

To truly “Make America Great Again”, we cannot ignore our past rooted in genocide, slavery, segregation, and bullying. As a country we continue to be a stumbling toddler through diversity and inclusion. We must make sure we don’t slip backwards to “Make America Hate Again.” We need to remember the words of Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel at times like this, “Never Again.”

This is a time for unity and not divisiveness. The squabbles between parties or factions in our own nation are minor compared to the greater crises faced abroad and as a currently divided peoples with climate change. We must find our way to becoming a north star and a guiding light for nations and peoples to come together. To find compassion for ourselves, for each other and for Mother Earth.

For now, I will follow in the footsteps of my Teacher Ram Dass and do as he did with the scary leadership of President George Bush by putting his and now Trump’s picture on my puja table and praying that he gets the download as well. However, HOPE will not suffice at times like this. Our family vows to be the change, not just ask for it. The American Dream is still alive and well…but we all need to manifest it through participation. The dreams of our youth are the grace of tomorrow.


To my yet to be named daughter, I only have one thing to say: We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.Hopi Dream Prophecy

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