We are Guru, a marketing agency on a mission to increase joy and reduce suffering in the world. We leverage our innovative creativity and deep strategic experience for brands who are impacting the world in the most conscious ways as we seek to establish ourselves as the most innovative marketing agency on the planet by 2025.

We catalyze the heroes by mining for the core purpose that is true to your organization, resonant to your customers, distinct from your competition, and aimed at supporting a thriving world.

How We

Do It

Guru develops smart strategy, creative marketing solutions, and innovative programs and campaigns, activated through engaged networks of advocates to build a legacy around this purpose.

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What matters most


We work exclusively with people, brands and organizations that are leading the way to a better future, and we aren’t afraid to say, “No, thank you!” when that isn’t the case.


Our human-centered mission to increase joy and reduce suffering in the world is at the center of everything we do, starting with the Guru Crew and the heroes we serve.


As collaborative partners in our heroes’ business success, we include you in our process and work with integrity to ensure that we’re exceeding your expectations at every opportunity.


The challenges that our world is facing cannot be solved alone, and will not be solved without innovative creativity. That is the lens through which we look at catalyzing your business.