In today’s quick-to-judge society, businesses and marketers are often shy and hesitant to take a definitive stand on social issues, fearing backlash or misinterpretation. We find ourselves having the same conversation and asking the same questions, both internally as an agency and with our clients who trust us to be the experts.

Can we post about Pride month if we don’t also post about Black History Month or AAPI month or any other observance? Is a post enough? Are we being authentic, or is a post without action simply performative virtue signaling? It seems daunting and tricky to navigate in our social-first world; but because of these complexities and intersectionalities, we choose to focus on something timeless– education. 

Confucius once said, “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” In our vast and diverse world, there is always more to learn. Not knowing everything is okay- so long as we remain open and willing to continue educating ourselves and those around us. Trying, and likely failing, are integral parts of a learning experience. Each time we fail, we add to our rolodex of “things that don’t work,” ultimately leading us to discover what does.

Education enables us to see the world through different lenses. By learning about diverse cultures, histories, and experiences, we cultivate empathy and understanding- two things that are crucial in breaking down the barriers that divide us and promote inclusivity.

Hate and prejudice often stem from ignorance. When we educate ourselves, we challenge our own biases and misconceptions. Just because you thought one way doesn’t mean you cannot pivot and think another way in the future. By embracing new perspectives, and different experiences, we expand our understanding. This learning process is essential in creating a society that values diversity and rejects bigotry.

Education empowers individuals to participate fully in society. By understanding our rights and responsibilities, we can contribute to our communities in meaningful ways. For example, being informed and knowledgeable encourages us to exercise our right to vote, making our voices heard in shaping the future. Do not let the fear of not knowing enough or saying the wrong thing stop you from saying or doing the thing in the first place. Doing nothing is the surest way to fail.

Education is a lifelong journey that better equips us to navigate an ever-changing world. By prioritizing education, we commit to understanding ourselves and others better, and in turn fosters a society that is less filled with hate.

All of that to say, post if you want to post. Acknowledgement is better than disregard. But always stay curious, and commit to trying to do it even better next time. Knowledge is power – and with it, we can shape a better world.

Oh, and don’t forget to register to vote!


-Jacie Woodard

Digital Media Manager, Guru


*The George Washington University provides a wealth of resources to support ongoing learning and engagement. You can explore their offerings at

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