Every year the 100k+ people leading the Natural Products Industry descent on Disney’s Magical Kingdom of Anaheim, CA. We, Guru, go every year to not only support the amazing brands we work with, but also to find upcoming values aligned brands elevating their categories.

We are very proud to also work with the systemic change movements that are elevating the entire industry. Movements like the Regenerative Organic Alliance (and Certification) that we helped to strategize, brand and launch at the last Natural Products Expo West before COVID in 2019! Movements like the 60,000 products from over 3,000 brands that have chosen to join and certify under the Non-GMO Project, which we are the agency for. One Step Closer, the tribe of change-makers making important strides with the Climate Collaborative (700+ brands committed to climate action) and the JEDI Collaborative (brands prioritizing values of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion for themselves and the industry).

This year we worked with OSC to strategize, develop, and launch the B2B2C campaign for Net Zero Packaging, which now has 70+ committed members evolving sustainable packaging solutions.

This year, we found some of our heroes leading these businesses as a force for good and asked them:

What is the purpose of your company, and what is the impact it has on the world?

Let’s see what leaders from Dr. Bronners, Wild Planet Foods, WishGarden Herbs, Omni Foods, and many more have to share!

Additionally, our fearless leader, Gagan, was on two panels during the week! Keep scrolling to catch up on what you missed!


J.E.D.I. Collaborative Education: Centering the Consumer – Bringing Products to a Wider Audience

The data is clear: At every level of business a commitment to JEDI principles fosters long-term growth and innovation, while also building healthier communities. Focusing on equity and inclusion in new product development, sales, and marketing can help organizations in developing innovative products, opening up new markets, and reaching a wider customer base. Learn from brand leaders how building JEDI principles into a company’s DNS can lead to a more equitable food system and a more regenerative bottom line.

Education & Activism: Campaigning for a Zero Waste Packaging Future

In January of this year, One Step Closer (OSC) launched its newest impact campaign, which focuses on advancing circular packaging solutions to move toward a zero-waste future.

OSC’s goal for the campaign was to create a platform for action and generate inspiration for the reduction and/or elimination of single-use plastics in products, packaging, and personal lives. By engaging consumers with educational resources across various social media platforms, driving policy awareness and advocacy through their partners at the American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN), and mobilizing industry stakeholders to commit to sustainable packaging transitions in 2022, OSC is seeing that goal come to life.

Hear from the architects of the campaign about impact to date and their goals for the industry and similar campaigns in 2023 and beyond!

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Special thanks to our friends at One Step Closer Network for locking arms with us Gurus as we work to make a more regenerative and prosperous world! 

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