As we collectively usher in a new decade, the Guru Crew is harnessing our power to focus on two important initiatives: Climate Action and Consciousness.

We believe climate change is the most pressing issue facing our planet today. That’s why we’re dedicating a significant amount of our own time and resources in 2020 to expand positive impact in this area, within Guru and by empowering fellow organizations. Here’s how we’re planning to turn this vision into action:

1. The Climate Collaborative
We’re donating $10,000 in services to develop a toolkit and playbook for how companies can engage their consumers around climate action. This commitment supports th
e Climate Collaborative, a network of 500+ natural products companies dedicated to climate action. In our digital age, these brands act as media companies – and we believe that if a network at this size can move forward in a coordinated and cohesive way, then we can engage and educate consumers beyond anything that has been done in the past. Email to get a copy of our Ebook, Engaging Consumers in Climate Change.

2. Net Zero by 2020
Guru is a proud Certified B Corp, so when they put out a call for brands to pledge to have net zero carbon footprint emissions by 2030, we were first in that virtual line. In fact, we’re overachievers and are aspiring to be Net Zero by the end of 2020!

We already have a number of initiatives underway to meet this goal. Most importantly, we created a strong virtual culture by leaning into an innovative remote workplace plan for the agency. We built an infrastructure with processes, tools and communication technologies to incentivize working from home offices. Of course the carbon footprint of any workplace is greatly reduced when employees don’t need to travel back and forth from an office. We’re also committed to a paper-free office and are working to offset the carbon footprint of any necessary travel.

3. Create awareness through storytelling
In 2019, we were proud to co-direct REBBL With a Cause a documentary that not only showcases REBBL’s commitment to end human trafficking, but also the interconnectedness of exploited communities to the Amazon jungle where they live –  which happens to be the lungs of our planet. As consumers, we have the ability to impact climate action every day by voting with our dollars spent.

In 2020, we are looking forward to continued partnerships with organizations and filmmakers to both create content and market films that we believe can make a difference. Our longtime friends and partners at Big Ranch Productions, who we worked with on Fuel, are releasing a groundbreaking documentary, Kiss the Ground – and we will be partnering to ensure as many people as possible see this convincing argument that the answer to climate change is in our soil.

We also realize the unfortunate truth that underlying many of the symptomatic issues we collaborate with our clients to affect like climate, social justice, health and wellness, is a pervading lack of consciousness about how our actions impact the world. We will continue to publish thought leadership to awaken and support organizations working to lift the awareness of us all through teachings, tools, media and experiences.

  1. Joy Watch
    We were thrilled to hear that our Joy Watch newsletter in which we round up pockets of goodness from around the world is bringing so much happiness into people’s inboxes. Like many of you, we were tired of all the negative media and so we followed in the great words of Ghandi to, “Be The Change” and give some “media vitamins” back into our community. Please continue to tune in or sign up for our newsletters here.
  2. Love Serve Remember Foundation, Be Here Now Network and Becoming Nobody
    On December 22, 2019 our beloved Baba Ram Dass left his body. We are deeply blessed to have been and continue to be students of his teachings. We were honored to collaborate in bringing to life the Be Here Now podcast network, which aggregates the greatest wisdom keepers of our time and will continue to work with Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation on future initiatives. We’re especially proud to have launched the Becoming Nobody film into theaters this past fall and look forward to its digital release in 2020!
  3. We Are Guru
    We are committed to developing our long awaited book on how WE ALL ARE GURU and we all are in this together. This manifesto explores how each of us, whether individual or business, can find our theory of change and be of service to a thriving planet that benefits all. This book will sit at the nexus of consciousness and business as an inspiring treatise showcasing innovative examples of purpose-driven business and exercises for how to lean more into your purpose. As Thicht Na Hanh said, “The next Buddha will be the Sangha.”

Lastly, as an overarching Gu-Rusolution we want to reiterate our aspirational way of being and reason to exist here at Guru: “To increase joy and reduce suffering!” Much love and many blessings for a visionary 2020!

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