“Over a decade ago I started this creative agency with the mission to increase joy and reduce suffering in the world. It has blossomed into an amazing purpose-driven family of values aligned individuals on both coasts catalyzing our hero brands, organizations, and movements to build legacies they can be proud of.

Legacies give meaning to our life’s work. They are built on purpose, vision, strategy, and action. They are sustained by collective energy.
May we all leave a legacy that we are proud of for generations to come.”

Gagan (Jared) Levy

Here at Guru, leaving a legacy means being transparent about the impact we make and the plans we have moving forward to help create a better world.

As we continue to evolve and innovate, we’re committed to sharing our journey through an annual impact report that highlights all that we have and have yet to achieve, as well as future plans aimed at supporting a thriving people and planet.

Here’s to you– our heroes– who are on this journey with us.

We are Guru. You are Guru.

Click here to read the report. 

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