Let’s go to the Store! 

In real life shopping is close to being back. While the Instacarts and Amazon delivery of Whole Foods of the world got us through and will remain a first go to for many, the idea of personally selecting tomatoes or proteins from the shelves in person is a return to normalcy most of us welcome.

At Guru, we have been observing the increase in store sales volume via our brick and mortar store attribution tracking and the trend shows it is time for brands to re-engage with consumer strategies that balance online and offline consumer interactions. The most important piece in this is sustaining the digital presence CPG brands have relied on for the last 15 months while simultaneously igniting offline interactions that have meaning.

Guru is excited to be delivering these solutions to a number of CPG brands currently. These are brands in the dairy aisle, the tea aisle, the multiple aisles that antioxidants appear in as well as health and wellness products for all family members.

For us, the northstar is the intersection of online and offline delivered via sequential message mapping ensuring we support each consumer’s individual wants and needs across their customer journey. In the online world and the offline world.

The technology required to implement this sits at the core of our conscious consumer technology stack and it is primed for the emergence of a post-cookie world where context and audience identity data will be a new go for all brands looking to reach their audience segments via deterministic targeting.

So, if you are hungry for strategies and execution at the intersection of online and offline shopper marketing, meet us in any aisle other than that of the cookie shelves and let’s talk!

Normalcy here we come!

-Cavan Chasan, Director of Connections

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