Traditional Medicinals

We express the story of Where Wisdom Meets Wellness through creative campaign work that centers on combining ancient herbal wisdom and modern herbal science. It organically highlights sustainable sourcing and improvements in packaging, positive community impact, and the disruption of the dependency on OTC medication in exchange for more natural remedies.

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Adidas + Parley: For the Oceans

This collaboration centers around the ocean plastic epidemic. The campaign takes consumers on a journey to explore the negative impacts of plastic on our oceans’ ecosystem.

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The Rethink Capitalism campaign is a revision of what capitalism could be. The assets include connections to community events, tutorials on caring for and repairing clothing, the dangers of plastics, and all kinds of ways to get involved.

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TOMS partnered with resale platform ThredUp this spring, allowing TOMS customers to sell or recycle their items for store credit.

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AI and Machine Learning in Marketing

Guru is leaning into AI to uncover unexpected ideas and connections by building a library of personas that give our creative and connections (media) teams a view of how different psychologies manifest.

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