The Kansas City Chiefs may have been crowned Super Bowl Champions, but in the world of advertising, the real winners are chosen between the running game clock. Check out some of our favorite ads from Super Bowl LIV below. Let us know your favorite in the comments section below!

“Smaht Pahk” by Hyundai
Our native Bostonians couldn’t stop laughing at this A-list cast’s delivery of a well-written and memorable take on the “smart park” feature. The campaign also extended to TikTok ads, which was a first for the automaker industry.



“Typical American” by Budweiser
Budweiser had two strong ads — this inspirational take flipped the script on negative news headlines by showcasing the good that comes from typical Americans. And check out Inside Post’s Brain featuring Post Malone’s inner struggle to choose between Bud Light and Bud Light Seltzer.



“Before Alexa” by Amazon
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi catapult viewers through a 90-second journey into a world before assisted listening devices. Packed with historical references (and a nod to Game of Thrones?), this ad showcases great production value with a few simple jokes along the way.



“Groundhog Day” by Jeep
Timely and nostalgic, this spot features Bill Murray in his first-ever national television commercial showcasing the joy that can come from living the same day over and over again, when you drive a Jeep.



“Comfortable” by Rocket Mortgage
There’s nothing like coming home and kicking off your shoes after a long day at work … or in this case your arms and hair! Jason Momoa stars in this belly-laughing spot about getting comfortable in your own home.



“All People Are Tax People” by TurboTax
This ad gets better the more times you watch it – who doesn’t love to see grandma breaking it down? Its catchy jingle and funny dance moves help deliver a clear message on the simplicity of filing your taxes right from your phone.



“The Cool Ranch” by Doritos
Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott star in this western dance-off to the popular song, “Old Town Road.” The ad ends with the song’s co-star Billy Ray Cyrus making it clear that he won’t be dancing.



“Loretta” by Google
Grab the tissues. This elegantly executed ad pulls at the heartstrings as viewers listen to a man remember the love of his life.



“How Immus” by Sabra
Packed with celebrities from start to finish (including the first drag queens ever featured in a Super Bowl ad), this spot showcases how each chooses to enjoy their hummus against bright, bold backgrounds.



“Tom Brady’s Big Announcement” by Hulu
This spot has it all: cultural relevance, celebrity feature, and an unexpected punch-line. Plus, having Brady posting a caption-less teaser on his Instagram two days prior sent sports radio stations into a speculation frenzy. “Where’s he going?… Is that a Kobe Bryant tribute?” Neither. Just Tom telling us about shows, movies and sports on Hulu. And that he wasn’t going anywhere (and all of New England rejoiced!).

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