To elevate dairy from a commodity to a specialty food through a commitment to standards of excellence that ensure: humane treatment of their animals, support for multigenerational family farms, stewardship of the land, quality of their dairy, resources for their “Clommunity” and empowerment for future generations.


Clover engaged Guru to develop a central strategy to share the goals and impact at the core of the social responsibility that has been woven into the Clover brand since it was founded more than 100 years ago.


Guru supported Clover in taking its CSR initiatives to the next level by designing the strategy for the ‘Clover Cares’ Program—bringing Clover’s giveback vision, mission and program pillars to life. Guru organized communications to share the important impact Clover is already making, and developed a long-term plan to position the brand as a thought leader dedicated to pioneering meaningful change in three key areas—Elevating Dairy, Empowering Future Generations and Giving Back to the Local Community.


In December of 2016, Clover received its B Corp certification with a score of 97. Clover’s 2017 donations to the community totaled over $480,000 including in-kind, product donations, cash and sponsorship donations to more than 300 community organizations. Also in 2017, Clover conducted  its first Employee Volunteering & Giving Survey to learn that their employees volunteer in the community, on average, 52 hours a year outside of work.