NHM protects and shares more than 35 million specimens and artifacts, the largest natural and cultural history collection in the western United States, as well as exploring the nature and culture both in L.A. and the world.


NHM challenged Guru to strategize new ways to speak directly to groups of core and new audiences, and engage them in a more modern, interactive museum experience that went beyond the one-sided viewing of exhibits and “extended the walls” of the museum experience digitally.


Guru strategized and executed a user generated content-driven social media campaign for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (NHM) and the Tar Pits called #HowDoYouMuseum, which gave museum-goers the opportunity to be dynamic participants in their museum experience by capturing and sharing their visit. We continued to refresh this campaign with new influencers—including actor Will Ferrell and artist Gary Baseman—content, events, and in-museum activations that bring the concept to life in new ways.


To date, this truly ownable social media campaign has inspired more than 14,000 shares. Although #HDYM was built to be an awareness campaign, we also drove higher ticket sales and inspired (and re-inspired) new interest in NHM and The La Brea Tar Pits as premier destinations in LA.