To elevate dairy from a commodity to a specialty food through a commitment to standards of excellence that ensure: humane treatment of their animals, support for multigenerational family farms, stewardship of the land, quality of their dairy, resources for their “Clo-mmunity” and empowerment for future generations.


This beloved Northern California dairy company, 100 years in the making, tapped Guru to rebrand Clover Sonoma and lean deeper into their location and values.


Guru created the iconic brand anthem, “It Matters Where Your Milk Comes From,” rooted in a campaign that doubled down on Clover Sonoma’s roots and bringing to life the important stories of the terroir, their standards of excellence and their status as a certified B-corporation.


Clover Sonoma has successfully retained and grown its dominating market share of Northern California and successfully expanded into Southern California and other new regions.

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