Goddess Garden creates chemical-free, reef-safe, plant-powered skincare products that respect and protect all people and our planet.


Goddess Garden needed to increase sales velocity at select, high-profile brick-and-mortar retailers, including Target and Whole Foods, while ensuring inbound e-commerce interest was not compromised as a result of focusing on in-store sales.


Guru activated its Tech Stack leveraging data intelligence including store loyalty, product consumption and competitive conquesting to hyper-target digital and social media placements driving consumers into brick and mortar, while connecting any online-shopping interest to the Goddess Garden e-commerce platform. We used digital metrics to optimize engagement – defined as interaction with messaging and store locator requests. Additionally, we used store attribution tracking to observe consumers exposed to ads who entered one of our participating retailers.


Results were very strong, as evidenced by outperforming the category benchmark for consumer engagement by over 50%, besting the category benchmark for brick and mortar store visitation lift by 10% and a year-over-year increase in e-commerce sales totals.