Ethical fashion enables economic empowerment so that INDIGENOUS artisans are able to improve their lives, invest in their families, and provide work and training to other women in their communities.


INDIGENOUS, one of the first fair trade fashion companies, realized that women were buying their fashion because of the look, feel and quality, but most often advocated for the company because of their deep commitment to the supply chain, communities and knitting collectives. INDIGENOUS turned to Guru to help close the relationship gap between their fashionistas and the makers.


Guru strategized an innovative app in collaboration with Worldways and SourceMaps to provide transparency in the supply chain that would educate consumers about the positive impact their purchases have on artisan communities by revealing who made each garment and the impact INDIGENOUS has in the region.


Hang tags on all garments for sale through all channels including Eileen Fisher drove consumers to engage with the app, close the relationship gap and educate about INDIGENOUS’ investment in its artisan communities.