To provide trusted, high-quality, accurate information backed by research on sexual health and contraceptive methods so that young people can make informed decisions. They also fight for access to accurate, quality sexual health information and the full range of contraceptive methods—without barriers or judgment.


The National Campaign was seeking to rebrand and relaunch their digital presence in 2017, desiring to be perceived as less institutional and strengthen credibility as a relevant source of sexual health information for young audiences online.


Alongside partner agency, The Metropolitan Group, Guru led a naming exercise that invited many stakeholders into the process, and included a comprehensive message testing campaign. This resulted in a new name and identity for The National Campaign, The Power to Decide. Guru then architected and designed a new website, aggregating decades of content and resources into a youthful, vibrant presentation that was more navigable, user-friendly and most importantly, appealed to a new generation of younger audiences.


90%+ approval rating of new branding, positioning and website direction by the key stakeholder audiences (teens, doctors, parents, teachers, funders, influencers)  involved in our ongoing “research cohort”. 18M+ downloads of the Bedsider app, a key tool positioned on the website and in the toolkit.