To elevate the quality of produce through 100% organic premium “good clean greens” and salad dressings.


organicgirl was having trouble capturing the attention of customers at shelf. To set the stage for success, Guru proposed a focused communications plan that highlighted product promotions to inspire purchase decisions both in store and online.


Guru developed organicgirl’s consumer engagement path with a strategic flow from social media, digital advertising, SEO, SEM and web elements to in-store promotions, packaging and promotions. We also improved the messaging hierarchy, leveraged engaging creative assets featuring new products, and optimized ad placements based on real-time performance.


organicgirl experienced an 80% increase year-over-year in new site visitors and 80% year-over-year sessions growth. With focused and targeted customer outreach, organicgirl was also able to add approximately 2,000 new names to their CRM list each month.

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