KeVita was founded to heal people from the inside out through a functional beverage that would benefit everybody who consumed it.


KeVita approached Guru, prior to its acquisition by Pepsi and at a time when kombucha was new to the market, with the desire to educate consumers about the importance of gut health.


Guru developed a multi-channel creative campaign for KeVita beverages, leading with a message of gut health (functional probiotic) along with an “Inner Selfie” lifestyle social media component. This custom app was developed to invite inner reflection, the content of which resulted in a user generated content campaign (looped into existing creative). As part of the campaign, KeVita also donated $1 to the Gastric Cancer Foundation for every “Inner Selfie” that was created and shared.


Guru was instrumental in working with the PepsiCo Naked division towards acquisition. Repositioned under a gut health platform, KeVita went from $40-80M in revenue during its 2.5 years with Guru.