After working with this iconic Northern California milk brand for the past 5 years, we were excited to help them launch their first ever national campaign for their new "Moon Milk" product line.


We needed to help Clover Sonoma make a splash with their new line “Moon Milk”. 


We developed an integrated media and creative campaign revolving around self care, telling consumers to love themselves “to the moon and back” by incorporating Clover’s product into their everyday routines. Our designs pulled inspiration from the ingredients within the flavored milk as well as the serene scenes of self care. To launch, we hit our audience of Gen-Z and “hip” moms in major hubs including Los Angeles, New York City, and Austin, using Out Of Home, digital, and influencer marketing.


In December of 2016, Clover received its B Corp certification with a score of 97. Clover’s 2017 donations to the community totaled over $480,000 including in-kind, product donations, cash and sponsorship donations to more than 300 community organizations. Also in 2017, Clover conducted  its first Employee Volunteering & Giving Survey to learn that their employees volunteer in the community, on average, 52 hours a year outside of work.

GOOP x Clover Sonoma

After identifying our core media audience, we wanted to find partners that had established trust with our target. Partnering with goop allowed us to access a wellness-focused audience and provided credibility to our brand in the eyes of the consumer.

We partnered with goop to target relevant audiences on their platform with a cross- channels sponsorship inclusive of:

    • Podcast spots
    • HPTOs
    • Newsletter Promotion
    • Email Newsletter Sponsorship
    • Custom Instagram Story
    • Digital Ads on Site Pages
    • High-Impact Takeovers
    • Run of Lifestyle 
    • Goop Kitchen Coupon Insert

Connected TV

  • Connected TV allows us to infiltrate the homes of our audiences; his non-skippable unit lets us reach them on the biggest screens they have
  • This channel is consistently the most efficient across our integrated media plans with a CPCV of $.03 on average

Digital Video

  • In-read video allows us to seamlessly integrate our message in content that our audiences are actively pursuing
  • The ability to marry geo- and contextual- targeting provides the capability of more refined audience reach
  • The medium is also incredibly efficient coming in at an average of $.11 CPCV

Influencer Partnerships

  • With the launch of Moon Milks in 2022, we were able to partner with creators and influencers nationwide. Additionally, our larger national budget allowed us to partner with not only mid-tier influencers, but also scaling up to macro and mega influencers in the health & wellness space on Instagram and TikTok.Highlights:
    • Total Moon Milk content garnered 3,194,121 total impressions/views
    • Total Moon Milk content earned 304,194 total clicks.
    • Strong campaign engagement rate of 9.52%.